I.C.M., the equipment specialist

I.C.M. has been manufacturing equipment for cranes and earth-moving machines since 1984, and one of the top products in our range are pads that enable cranes and platforms to work safely on any terrain.

The pads are made according to the highest quality standards and ensure precise and safe work for the machines on which they are used.

Machining of parts is done with state-of-the-art numerical control machines to ensure dimensional and surface tolerances.

The pads are made of high and very high density polyethylene to provide the strength and stiffness needed especially in the harsher temperatures of winter.

With nearly 40 years of experience, I.C.M. Srl is a manufacturing company in the hydraulics industry, established in 1984 from innovative ideas of engineers with a passion for mechanics in their blood!

Inside the new facilities built in 2018 which stand on a 4500sqm area in Ravenna, Italy, we design and stock our stabilizer pads which are manufactured by heating and pressing recycled plastic pellets.

I.C.M. is aGreen company: thanks to the 31kw plant, located on the roof of the factory, the 40% of the energy we consume is produced from the sun.

The area of Italy we are in is called Emilia-Romagnaand it’s often referred to ashydraulic valley”. it’s a strategic position due to its strong concentration of manufacturing industries and the vast availability of highly qualified workers in the technical and engineering sector.

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I.C.M. is located in Fornace Zarattini (RA) – Italy.
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